Hokies Football: Could Chris Durkin Follow Andrew Ford Out of Blacksburg?

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Jun 30, 2015
Over the past month, we have found out that Andrew Ford made the decision to transfer from Virginia Tech to a junior college as he looks to find another way to become a starting quarterback at the FBS level. After the spring, Ford was the number 3 quarterback on the depth chart for the Hokies behind Michael Brewer and Brenden Motley. However, the impending arrival of the talented Dwayne Lawson led to Ford making the decision that his best opportunity to become a starting quarterback at the FBS level is away from Blacksburg. With the arrival of Lawson, departure of Ford, and commitment of QB Joshua Jackson; it makes you wonder if Ford will end up being the only quarterback that ends up transferring away from Virginia Tech. Chris Durkin has shown that he has the big arm and has some mobility, but he has struggled to put together the accuracy that is necessary to become a starting quarterback for the Hokies or even challenge for the job. Durkin's arm, size, and mobility make him an intriguing quarterback prospect, but there comes a time when a player has to start putting it together. With the arrival of Lawson, Durkin needs to put it together soon especially since he was already behind Ford who decided that his best option was to transfer away from the Hokies. Looking ahead towards the fall, it seemed like Durkin would be the most likely quarterback to transfer if one of Virginia Tech's four returning on-scholarship quarterbacks decided to leave. Durkin did not seem to be that close to even passing Ford on the depth chart during spring practices though he seemed to have possibly dealt with injuries this spring. There are no indications that Durkin plans to transfer from Virginia Tech right now, but this fall could be critical in determining his future in Blacksburg. If Durkin ends up behind Lawson on the depth chart as expected, Durkin may start seriously considering transferring with it becoming much harder for him to ever get the chance to be the Hokies' starting quarterback. The Hokies also have the long-term depth chart more in place with Joshua Jackson seeming like the heir to Dwayne Lawson depending on how Lawson and Jackson both work out, and whether Jackson stays committed the rest of the way. Durkin is not in a very good position to end up getting a chance to be the starting quarterback for the Hokies. Chris Durkin likely has a big desire to become a starting quarterback at the FBS level, but the door for that to happen at Virginia Tech seems to be small. Durkin will make a push this fall to climb up the depth chart but you have to wonder if Durkin will have followed Ford and transferred away from the Hokies with Dwayne Lawson on the roster and Joshua Jackson likely to have signed with Virginia Tech.