The Story of the Now Famous Buzz Williams Sweater

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Feb 10, 2015
Yesterday, the Virginia Tech Hokies struggled for most of the game, but the Hokies made a second half comeback that was capped by a go-ahead three from Malik Muller with 16.1 seconds left to put the Hokies in the lead before an Adam Smith free throw made it 65-63. However, one of the biggest things that will be remembered from this game is the apparel of Buzz Williams. As normal, Williams changes shirts at halftime, but the purple and orange sweater that Buzz Williams wore in the second half has now become quite famous. After the game, many fans were on Twitter trying to figure out a way to get their hands on a sweater. At first, unfortunate news hit Hokie Nation that the sweater was custom-made. At this point, many fans were disappointed that the sweater wasn't available for order, but Buzz Williams and Scott Barber made an announcement that definitely made Hokie fans happy. Personally, I am very excited about getting the chance to get this sweater. It will be a few weeks till fans will be able to get the sweater, but I don't think anyone will mind the wait to get this sweater. What makes this even more exciting is the fact that all the proceeds from the sweaters that are sold will go to Buzz Williams's charity Buzz's Bunch. Buzz's Bunch does a lot of great work with kids with disabilities in the New River Valley and Milwaukee, and the money that will be raised from this will be great for this charity. Props to Buzz Williams and Scott Barber on partnering to allow Hokie Nation to get the now famous purple and orange sweater, and raise money for Buzz's Bunch.